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Regenersis is a leading provider of after sales product support services to many of the world's premier technology brands.
If a product fails we will fix it, if the product is no longer in use we will find a new market for it and if it is beyond use we will recycle it safely and responsibly.
Our services
-Iphone out of warranty repairs with original parts
-Testing and diagnosis
-Technical support
-End-user customer service
-Mobile phones
-Modem cards
-Set top boxes
-Satellite Navigation Systems

Regenersis(Bucharest) selected to repair RCS&RDS STB/DVR/DTH equipments

Regenersis Bucharest have been selected by RCS&RDS to deliver a holistic logistic, repair and refurbishing solution on Romanian market. Providing deep repair, forward logistics and refurbishing solutions, the facility will be a centre of excellence for a wide range of RCS-RDS products – from home STB/DVR to other DTH equipments. It is anticipated that the Service centre will handle more than 180.000 service events per year.

RCS & RDS is one of the most important operators in Eastern Europe, providing telecommunications services in Romania, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia, both for the residential and business areas. Being a modern company with 15 years experience in providing telecommunications solutions, RCS & RDS has developed its own telecommunications infrastructure by optical fiber, covering these European areas with TV cable, internet, mobile and fix telephony services. RCS & RDS offers 4play in Romania, 3play în Hungary and Slovakia, mobile telephony services in Spain, and satellite television on all its markets. It is a leader on the Romanian market for providing internet services, and cable and satellite television and it is the biggest alternative provider of fix telephony. Moreover, RCS & RDS is the only telecommunications operator in Romania which offers full packages of 4 services: cable and satellite television as “Digi TV”, high speed internet as “Digi Net”, fix telephony as “Digi Tel”, and mobile telephony as “Digi Mobil”. For all these packages, the company has the most accessible prices on the market.

Mr. Alexandru Capatina, GM of Regenersis said, “The solution we are delivering to RCS-RDS demonstrates the breadth and depth of our service offering. Our strategy to focus on delivering total solutions in the after-sales market is yielding significant results. This is an ideal example of a leading brand looking for a trusted partner who understands the importance of delivering a strong, customer focused after-sales infrastructure.”

Mr Emil Grecu , Technical Director of RCS-RDS Romania said, “After a thorough evaluation, we selected Regenersis as support solutions for our clients’ products because they understood the total cost of after-sales and could deliver not only the high quality of service we required, but an excellent understanding of our requirement to deliver the best customer experience all underpinned by a high level of integrated technical expertise.”
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